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did… did i just lose 8 followers from posting why i’ve been gone

o _o

sorry for my random hiatus :(

i’ve been taking some much needed time off from the internet to focus on art & my family. i will be back soon c:

Anonymous sent: do u have anysims on download? =^.^=

i do indeed! :o [link] 


I finally fixed the problem on my tumblr and I see this. OMIGOSH!!! thank you stellarsims
new icon wut

probably won’t keep it for long >_>

but, art of my newest sim


she is still nameless… :(

springsims said: owowowow ;-; beautiful!!! Claire?

klounysims said: Karcsi, Linette, Villetta some french names cx


eeee thank you ;D omg those are all beautiful names!
i just can’t decide ;____;
mmm, she does look like a claire doesn’t she? :3

butterflysim said: Cleonix :3

omai! that is an interesting name :3

some quick art of my newest sim c:
anyone know of a good name for her? D:
honestly, the more i look at this sim the more i dislike her. :(
i think i will work on something new for a follower gift instead. D:
unless you actually wanna download her, just send me an ask and i’ll prepare her for download :)





My hair also glows when I´m surprisingly smiling xD

I don’t mean any offense to you, uranussatellite.
What the fuck, EA. How is it possible to make the game look worse. This looks like a smart phone game. ;-;

I think that EA said that they wanted to go back to a game where the focus is on the interactions and gameplay rather than the look of the game. Seeing as the people who don’t care about the graphics are the people who buy every single expansion, it’s pretty clear that EA only care about the money :( If only they knew how many people on here loved Sims Photography. But yeah, this looks like a cheap ass mobile game!

How about we stop assuming that whatever comes out that’s possibly/maybe/perhaps related to TS4 is actually related to TS4. Don’t dismiss the game based on some picture you found on the internet. Until EA comes out with an official trailer or screenshots, we have no idea what TS4 will look like.

hi guys! some of you seem really upset, and i think you wouldn’t be if you understood what a mockup was!a mockup is the very first step taken to produce a physical version of what had prior to that point been only an idea. it usually bears little to no resemblance to the final product and is created mainly as a way to generate feedback re: construction, appearance, function, etc. it has absolutely no functionality whatsoever or else it would be called a prototype. this mockup wasn’t created to generate feedback on hair, clothes, polygon count, textures, etc; this is a facial expression mockup, created to display an idea of how facial expressions might be functionally to reiterate: this is literally the pre-prototype stage. if you think this is even remotely close to how the final product is going to look, you should probably take a couple deep breaths into a paper sack and lie down for a few minutes.

if someone could find images of the sims 3 mockup to compare that would be just peachy
wip because i am bored of laila and i’m sure you all are too ◡︿◡
omg ♥
lookbook challenge
[[ day 1 : innocence ]]
i wasn’t really  sure what to do for this one so i just tried to make her look childish haha! but she always looks childish.. >3>

I’m having way to much fun dressing up Meki.. that I decided to create my own lookbook challenge. The idea is to create lookbooks based off of different themes.
I thought i’d share it here… because someone else may want to join in too. Its very similar to tito’s wonderful model challenge!
The themes are very basic for more flexibility. I already have a couple done.. So they’ll be the first on the list.
Some themes can be very girly… but you can totally do it for guys too. 
If you have any questions.. dont be shy to send me a message.
1. Innocence
2. Sporty
3. Wizard of Oz
4. Sleepover
5. Winter Fun
6. Cartoon Characters
7. Plantsim
8. Alice in Wonderland
9. Deersim (yus yus)
10. Nerdy
11. School Girl
12. Flapper Girl
13. Sexy
14. Hello Kitty
15. Tribal
16. Flower Power
17. Gothic
18. Decora
19. Country
20. Hippie
21. Retro
22. Steampunk
23. Lolita
Finally… three extremely basic themes…
24. Kawaii
25. Fantasy
26. Hipster

I must do this with laila <3
Cute Sky Blue Bow Tie Pointer